Through continuous research and development, 21CENTURY manufactures and supplies global level productions. Please contact us through customer service for purchasing goods and opening markets.

  • Connector - enfren.


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  • Knife&Die - enfren.


    21CENTURE manufacture variety of cutting products. 21CENTURY’s representative product is cutters that have been changed their facilities repetitively and needed ultra precision de-laminating process. We are able to produce whatever ...

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  • Cartridges - enfren.


    Cartridges are designed for optimal processing conditions and your convenience. Cartridges are produced for the most appropriated conditions of TOOLINGS, and there are benefits that you are able to manufacture ...

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  • Quality Improvement Of Nonferrous Metals Processing  - enfren.

    Quality Improvement of Nonferrous metals Processing

    21CENTURY introduces revolutionary 3D PCD chip-breaking technology for the machining of non-ferrous materials. Through the use of advanced proprietary technology, true 3D PCD chip-breaker forms are produced at the cutting ...

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  • Eco-Friendly Ultra Precision Processing  - enfren.

    Eco-friendly Ultra Precision Processing

    Enter the era of modernization, limit of the processing is based on the ㎛ exceed mm. 21CENTURY has been an effort to overcome the limitations in accordance with the trend ...

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  • Essential Of Precision Work - enfren.

    Essential of Precision Work

    Nano measurement is an essential manufacturing process. It’s necessary to change our concept of gauges from one of “measuring devices” to one of “working tools”. We will assist in producing ...

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  • Start Of Precision Mold Making  - enfren.

    Start of Precision Mold Making

    Most steel molds are limited in terms of their capacity to maintain quality at a smaller scale. However, products employing carbide and ceramic materials are able to make find shapes. ...

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  • Know-How To Improve The Quality Of Mass Production  - enfren.

    Know-How to Improve the Quality of Mass Production

    Standard cutting tools have the limited working range. To shorten the machining time is the most necessary thing in mass production. It is so important to improve the quality of ...

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